New Delhi: Popular music-streaming platform Spotify has brought ‘Wrapped 2022’ with personalised segments and new features such as music recaps. Spoftiy wrapped 2022 allows users to find out their top songs, artists, and the time of music they have listened to this year. By analysing all songs you have played throughout the year, it will select top 5 artists of yours. Moreover, it will give you a personality tag depending on your music preference.

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If you also want to get your personalised Spotify wrapped 2022, you just need to update your spofity app for the latest version.

1. You have to update your Spofity app for the latest version.  Go to the Google play store and search for spotify app page. If it’s not update, it will show the update option. Once you have updated the app for the latest version, you can tab on ‘Open’.

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2. Log in to your Spotify account

You have to use this option only if you aren’t logged in with your account which you’ve been using for spotify play. If you are logging in, then you scan skip this step.

3. You can easily see on the spotify interface the option to jump in ‘Spofity Wrapped 2022’. However, if you don’t want, you can dismiss it for later use.

If you accidentally or deliberately dismiss this prompt, you will still find a shortcut to it on the main page of the app when you open Spotify again.  Enjoy your personalised Spotify wrapped with the song you have listend again and again throughout the year and the favorite artist of this year.

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