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Infinix announced its fastest charging technology for wired as well as wireless charging. The company has made a new record by launching its ultra-rapid 260W wired and 110W wireless charging.

The company claims the technology can charge phones fully in under eight minutes on a wired connection and 16 minutes through a wireless charger.

Infinix Sets a New Fast Charging Record

Only nine months after announcing the 180W Thunder Charge technology, Transsion brand Infinix has pushed boundaries further with 260W wired and 110W wireless All Round FastCharge technology.

Infinix Announces 260W Wired and 110W Wireless Fast Charging

The 260W charging tech builds on the 180W tech by upgrading from a dual 8C battery to a single 12C battery with a 4-pump circuit design that intelligently identifies power requirements and allocates the number of charge pumps needed.

Infinix claims the charging efficiency using the 260W charging tech is 98.5%, and the 4,400mAh battery it tested with retained 90% of its capacity after 1000 cycles.

The company uses a charger that relies on a combination of GaN material and AHB circuit infrastructure with high power density. This infrastructure allows the charger to have a small size with safe charging controls.

Infinix also uses a proprietary USB-C charging cable that conducts up to 13A of current to ensure 260W charging.

As for the wireless charging technology, Infinix promises 110W wireless charging by using custom-made small, sensitive coils with different architectures. The technology uses fewer but wider coils to reduce internal resistance and keep the phone temperature from rising when charging wirelessly.

The 110W wireless charging uses a custom-made wireless charger featuring a dual-coil design for vertical and horizontal charging. It also uses a fan at the base to keep things cool.

The same technology also enables reverse charging, bypass charging, and multi-protocol charging. It is also compatible with other standards such as USB Power Delivery 3.0.

While the charging tech is not commercially available currently, Infinix has promised its 260W fast charging technology will be available in an upcoming Infinix Note device later this year.

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