The International Space Station’s viewing dock on Google Maps Street View. (Image Credit: Google)

The Street View for ISS has been there on Google Maps since 2017. Users can tour the ISS and get information at hand at the same time.

Google Maps is a very good tool for finding your way and going places you have not explored so far. However, not many people know that you can actually get a street view of the International Space Station from Google Maps.

Yes, Google Maps allows users to get a street view of the International Space Station (ISS), and the feature has been in place since 2017. To access it, however, you need a laptop or a computer, and go to a specific link. Users can see themselves on board the ISS, where they can explore all components of the space station, and get information at the same time. Users can tour the whole space station in 360, and can access information about components of the space station at hand on Google Maps’ street view of the ISS.

To access ISS in Street View, users need to go the link on Google Maps, and they will be thrown straight into the ISS viewing deck which is also called the Cupola navigation point. From there, users can enter the space station by clicking through. You will also see information about a certain part of the ISS as soon as you hover your mouse of click on anything.

In a 2017 Blog Post, Thomas Pesquet, who is an Astronaut with the European Space Agency (ESA), said that the experience of capturing the tour “describes the feeling of being in space” better than words or a picture can.” Pesquet, who helped Google collect the images from inside the space station, said that there were limitations to collecting the data. “In the six months that I spent on the International Space Station, it was difficult to find the words or take a picture that accurately describes the feeling of being in space,” he said.

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