Smart fitness products and wearables are getting more popular amid the COVID 19 pandemic. Although gyms and fitness centres remain open across the country, there remains a constant worry about the ‘next wave’, and people are slowly expanding their home-gym equipment to stay in shape. Fitness spin bikes are not new, and they are widely available in most gyms. They are available in many forms, though customers are now looking for more features to help them track their fitness goals. is among the leading brands in India that have combined tech and fitness to simply offer customers the convenience of a wholesome workout. For those unaware, the fitness chain allows its users to book slots on a dedicated app, and users can also track their fitness metrics. Apart from offering top-class CrossFit trainers, the company is slowly expanding fitness products under its CultSport arm.

Cultsport offers a variety of accessories, and this division of the company also sells smart bikes or spin bikes and treadmills. Its official website sells third-party bikes from Onefit Plus (OFP) and PRM, but it offers its proprietary, cultBike X1 for Rs 46,999.

The cultBike X1, which the company now refers to as cultBike from Cultsport, includes a 21-inch Full-HD LCD display to allow users to watch live sessions while working out. The screen also lets users create seven profiles for different family members, and there are dual speakers as well. Each user profile is linked to a mobile number, and the company sends weekly fitness updates info on the user’s WhatsApp.

If you’re looking for a smart bike and these features piqued your interest, here are ten things you need to remember about cultBike from Cultsport.

1. Before you make any purchase decision, it is extremely crucial to decide on a resting place for the bike. Since the cultBike from Cultsport is significantly heavy, moving it from one room to another is not at all convenient. Users can use the bike without the screen, but if it comes to that, there are loads of options in the market that cost around Rs 15,000.

2. The cultBike from Cultsport measures 96.5 x 111.8 x 111.8cm (LxWxH). As expected, its packaging is extremely ornate which may overwhelm most customers. The bike can be configured at home, but you may require a special technician. Also, do read the return policy before buying the device.

3. Once the setup is done, you’ll require a Cult live membership. The company says the membership is free for customers till March 2023. After March 2023, it will be chargeable, but the pricing remains unclear. The official website highlights that users will also get access to a two-month cult.Fit membership worth Rs 11,999. It provides access to all cult centres, workout materials for home, and access to Cult gyms.

4. As mentioned, you can use the bike offline. However, using the screen will mean the bike is online, and all workout metrics are saved automatically. Weekly updates on calories burned, discovered covered, and average speed will be sent on WhatsApp. You can also access the information on the screen.

5.Speaking of the 21-inch touch-enabled screen, the display panel is fairly bright, but it does not offer rich colours and contrast. Most users won’t care about the picture quality, though the company should have provided a better display for this price tag. The screen is roughly 3kg, and the dedicated stand allows users to adjust the viewing angles. The touch response is smooth, though the speakers are quite sub-standard.

7.Sadly, users cannot download third-party apps, and the screen only displays proprietary content. It is simple to operate, and users can check out a host of scenic views to make the workouts more pleasant. You can also see who is riding in the same view on the left side of the screen. Users can check the distance covered by other members on the left side.

8. In terms of the build quality, the bike mostly features metal, hence the weight. The seat (or the saddle) uses a comfortable breathable material, and users can adjust its height. There’s also an option to adjust the distance between the seat and the handle. The bike stands include adjustable rubber tips so that the cultBike from Cultsport does not wobble – a very thoughtful decision by the company. It also prevents scratches from the metal body on your floor.

9. Keeping the cultBike from Cultsport outdoors is not advisable as it requires the screen to function for online workouts. The screen does not come with any IP rating for dust and water resistance, therefore, there’s a high chance of damage outdoors. The bike also does not have a proprietary cover.

10. Other nifty features include a handy kill button to stop the cycle if the peddling becomes too fast. There’s a stand at the front for users to store phones or water bottles.

Verdict: The cultBike from Cultsport stands above most spin bikes in the market, and the build quality is definitely praise-worthy. However, it remains a significantly heavy bike and moving it room-to-room is not convenient. The touch screen does elevate the overall look, and it is also feature-packed and serves its purpose. However, it does not allow users to download third-party apps, so access to limited content can get monotonous in the long run.

Overall, most customers won’t be disappointed to get the bike at home, but it does require a lot of space to store. Therefore, it is advisable to pre-decide the right spot of the cultBike, before it becomes an eye-sore.

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